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What is a double row six-category bearing?

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The main forms of angular contact bearings are divided into double row angular contact ball bearings and single row angular contact ball bearings. 


1. Definition of double row six types of bearings

Double-row six-type bearings and single-row six-type bearings are based on the same design. They are composed of inner and outer rings, raceways and rollers. The difference in appearance mainly lies in the number of roller rows and the occupied shaft The space is smaller, the single-row six-type bearing has only one row of rollers, and the double-row has two rows of rollers between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. In terms of performance, double-row six-type bearings can bear combined radial and axial loads and moment loads, and limit the two axial displacements of the shaft. Compared with single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings have better rigidity and can withstand overturning moments. Bearings are non-separable. Especially suitable for applications with high rigidity requirements. It is widely used in the front wheel hub of cars (some models also use double-row tapered roller bearings of the same size).

2. Features of double row six types of bearings

(1) The inclination between the inner and outer rings of the bearing is limited, and the allowable inclination angle depends on the internal clearance of the bearing, bearing size, internal design and the force and moment acting on the bearing, and the upper limit of the allowable inclination angle should ensure that the bearing No excessive additional stress will be generated.

(2) Through adaptive processing, when the bearings are installed close to each other, the combination of any method can achieve the predetermined internal clearance and preload, as well as the average load distribution, without using gaskets or similar devices.

(3) Double-row six-category bearings generally require nylon cages or brass solid cages. To reduce the problem of decreased running accuracy and increased noise of the bearing due to the inclination angle between the inner and outer rings.


3. Structural modification of double-row six-category bearings

(1) The standard design of A-type bearings whose outer diameter is less than or equal to 90mm. There is no filling gap, so it can bear equal bidirectional axial load. The lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 cage is used, and the temperature rise of the bearing is very small.

(2) The standard design of A-type bearings with an outer diameter greater than 90mm. There is a ball filling gap on one side, and it is equipped with a steel stamping cage or a brass solid cage.

(3) Type E is a reinforced structure, with a ball filling gap on one side, which can hold more steel balls, so the bearing capacity is higher.

(4) Double row angular contact ball bearings with dust covers on both sides and seal rings on both sides can be equipped with dust covers (non-contact type) or seal rings (contact type) on both sides. ). The inside of the sealed bearing is filled with anti-rust lithium-based grease, and the operating temperature is generally -30~+110℃. No relubrication is required during use, and it should not be heated or cleaned before installation.

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