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Precision Bearings for Robotic Applications

Pub Date:2023-04-10 Views:164 source:本站

MHPB Bearing is a leading supplier of high-quality ball and roller bearings. We have established and maintained our reputation for over five years, delivering bearings to global and domestic customers. Our team of experts ensures each customer receives the most suitable bearings for their application. One of the major industries we serve is robotic automation. Read on to learn about our precision bearings for robotic applications.  


Bearings for Robotic Applications

Common industrial robotic applications are painting, product inspection, testing, welding, and assembly. Technological advancements have led to exponential improvements in the speed, endurance, and precision of bearings used in automation. As a result, robotic automation is also becoming more popular in sensitive applications throughout the medical and other high-tech fields. 

Robotic bearings move in highly choreographed, programmed routes on at least two axes. They play a crucial role in the motion control aspect of robotic technology, where motion repeatability is essential. 

High-precision bearings are critical components to consider when designing and maintaining such applications. Optimal bearing life and performance depend on the proper material, type, and lubrication specifications. 

These are the main types of precision bearings used in robotic automation:

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